cuisine_des_fleursI usually make elderflower cordial at this time of the year, but we somehow got tired of it, and I still have 2 bottles left from last year's batch (well, ok, one bottle, since the other one was a present from my godmother). Still, seeing all those trees in full bloom, and that lovely scent...


Luckily, I was given for my birthday a cute little book with recipes for flowers and wild plants. I had not had time yet to read it, but as I was having trouble sleeping one night, I started browsing through it, and there, was a recipe for elderflower wine that sounded just great.


3 l dry white wine (I used a local picpoul de pinet)
750 ml alcohol 40 % (the one used to make fruit preserves)
750 g  white and demerara sugar
a big bowl of elderflowers picked one or two days in advance


I just poured all the ingredients on top of the flowers in a big pot, stirred a bit until the sugar was dissolved, and now it should stay like that for a fortnight, before filtering and storing in bottles.





15 days later, I can confirm: this is a great alternative to muscat and other sherry like wines.